How to Throw a Summer Party on a Budget

Its summer time and that of course means it’s time to take out the patio furniture, fire up the grill, and invite the friends over for a summertime party. While these seasonal shindigs are part of what makes this season great, they can also be hard on the wallet. Mintlife’s Blog put together a list of some great tips you can use to put together an awesome party on a budget:

1. Go the Potluck Route:  When you count on your friends to each bring a dish to share you will obviously save tons on your grocery bill. You are also likely to get a decent variety of tasty dishes. However, this is depending on whether or not your friends can actually cook. You don’t want to end up with a ton of chips, dip, and store-bought potato salad.

2. Shop Sales:  It’s good to plan ahead and make sure you purchase your food ahead of time to save money. Grocery stores tend to mark down their prices around holidays like Memorial Day and Independence Day, so hosting parties on or around those days will definitely save you money.

3. Keep the Drinks Simple:  Purchasing top-shelf liquor can put a beating on your wallet. We know you want to impress your guests, but buying the expensive stuff isn’t worth it. Try looking for mid-price brands if having liquor is an absolutely must. However, providing beer and wine for your guests instead of liquor tend to be a much cheaper alternative.

4. BYOB:  Ask your guests to bring a bottle or pack of their favorite beer, wine, or spirit instead of a dish will save you some serious cash in the beverage department. It will also take a lot of the guesswork out of the planning process.

5. Keep the Party Small:  There’s no reason you need to invite the entire neighborhood or office over. If your budget is a big concern it’s definitely a wise choice to keep the party small. You save money and you don’t have to worry so much about the party getting out of hand. 

Source:  Mintlife’s Blog
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