Our Values

Six degrees of dedication


Our team possesses not only the highest level of professional skills but also the values of customer service, professional integrity and fiduciary responsibility. Our Regional Executives have an average tenure of 16 years of service while our community managers offer an 8 year service average.


We constantly strive to implement new technologies and stay on the cutting-edge of apartment management industry trends and best practices while never losing sight of the simple philosophies that are at the core of how we do business.


Honesty and transparency are the bedrocks of success and integrity.


Every FCM client recognizes that we value their ROI as much as they do and will give them 100% of our abilities to help them reach 100% of their goals. Our commitment is evidenced by the fact that our very first client is still our client today.


Whether it’s asset class, market location, repositioning assets or new construction lease-ups, our team of professionals has a vast array of experience and success in developing and achieving goals as set by the client.


Our strength is exemplified by the success of our on-site teams. Loyal, honest, experienced, committed professionals are what helped build FCM and continues to be the strength of our organization.

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